Louise Webb

Louise Webb

Ghana, Botswana, Sudan

1968–70, 1973–74, 1974–75

Louise Webb may have stumbled upon CUSO by pure circumstance—their office was located near hers—but this chance encounter went on to change the course of her life.

“If it wasn’t for CUSO I might have never moved off campus in Toronto,” she laughs.

A business school graduate, Louise Webb was initially recruited to help set up the first business program at a secondary school in Ghana. Upon her return to Canada, she started to work for the CUSO Toronto office. Less than 2 years later, she was working at the Botswana CUSO office, and then for a partner organization in Sudan. She then worked in the Northwest Territories and central British Columbia, before settling in Newfoundland with her husband.

“My overseas experience with CUSO has influenced all my decision making,” she continues.

Once in Newfoundland, Mrs. Webb started a lifelong career at Memorial University where she became the go-to person for the Marine Institute (MI) International’s Milawi projects.

Now retired, Ms. Webb has set up a foundation—the Webb of Excellence Scholarship Fund—to fund girls’ education at the secondary school where she had worked at in Ghana. She recently returned to Ghana to meet the Foundation’s first scholarship recipients. While there, she was installed as a Queen Mother in recognition of her contribution to the school.

“I wasn’t prepared for that honour,” she says. “It took me a couple of days to believe it.”