Brent Tegler

Brent Tegler

Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Nigeria

1981–1983, 1983–1985, 1993–1995, 2010–2011

It was the chance sighting of a CUSO recruitment poster for an Ecology Lecturer in Sierra Leone that helped develop Dr. Brent Tegler’s passion for tropical ecology and led to his work in developing countries.

Not ready to return to Canada after his first two years with CUSO, Dr. Tegler took a posting in Papua New Guinea where he had an opportunity to work in the field and help develop knowledge about the country’s ecology.

Dr. Tegler returned to Canada to complete his PhD after which he travelled to the Solomon Islands to apply his research on finding sustainable solutions that balance human needs and environmental protection.

“Cuso International has been hugely instrumental in my experiences in life; not only for the great memories, but also in my academic development and understanding issues in developing countries,” he says.

In 1999, Dr. Tegler co-founded North-South Environmental Inc., an ecology consulting firm in Southern Ontario where he conducted environmental impact analyses, designed monitoring programs and developed environmental management strategies for sustainable resource utilization in temperate, tropical, and arctic ecosystems.

That year, Dr. Tegler also founded Liana Environmental Consulting with Dr. Ellen Woodley, his wife and fellow ecologist and Cuso International alumni. Together, they have undertaken various international development projects ranging from working with communities on the impacts of environmental change to monitoring and evaluation of climate change projects.

A few years ago, Dr. Tegler volunteered as a logistician with Médecins Sans Frontière. He and his wife reside in Fergus, Ontario.